Wearing masks, students return on every-other-day schedule

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 Many changes in the high school building have occurred to keep the entire student body and staff as safe as possible due to coronavirus pandemic.

 The biggest changes have already been most noticeable - everyone is required to wear a mask or face covering and the halls are a lot less crowded because of the hybrid schedule.

 Under the hybrid schedule, students attend school every other day in person and the other day at home. While at home, the students attend their classes at the exact same time as cameras have been added to classroom. 

 One of the school’s changes that affect junior and senior drivers is the new open campus privilege. This gives students the opportunity to leave school if they have an open period and also helps with having fewer students in the building. 

 “I like the open campus privilege because it allows me to sleep in and I can go out to get food during my lunch period,” said senior Rachel Shirey. 

 Another new change to the building is how many credits juniors and seniors need to take to graduate. 

 In the past, seniors had to register for six credits, and any underclassmen had to have seven credits. This year the school changed the requirements to seniors needing four credits and juniors needing six credits.

 “I have less of a workload, and have time to focus on other classes,” said junior Jack Demler. “With my extra free time in the morning I sleep in or finish my homework.” 

 Hallways look different than they normally do as well.

 One-way hallway stickers have been placed on the ground to help with social distancing.

 In addition, wash stations have been added all over the school to help encourage students to wash their hands more often. 

 “Following guidance from the CDC, by incorporating one-way and directional hallways, we are preventing the bottlenecking of students going multiple directions at once,” said principal Dr. Nicole Malinoski. “It is one of the many mitigation efforts we have incorporated in order to safely open school for all students.” 

 Two cafeterias have been put in place to make sure students can safely take off their masks to eat.

 Juniors and seniors eat in the alumni gym, while freshmen and sophomores eat in the cafeteria. location.

 In both locations, seats were assigned and will not change until the end of the first semester.  

 “The lunch setup is a little weird because we can’t sit with our friends and we all have to sit facing the same direction,” said freshman Colin Aitken.

Photo by Lillian Gross/Yearbook Staff

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