Student council earns national award

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Student council won the American Heart Association’s Heart Challenge top fundraiser award. This was awarded to student council because the school’s King of Hearts court last year raised $50,88 - the highest fundraising total in the nation.

 This was an exciting moment because in the past, the school has been top three and top five but never number one.

 “The class of 2020 did an amazing job,” said student council adviser Jane Hepler.

 This award has not physically been given to student council, but was known on Aug.13 on a zoom meeting with all of the schools across the nation.

 “We feel so proud of the boys and school,” said president Morgan Hickernell.

 To try and win this award again this year, the class of 2021 will have to work very hard to raise as much money as possible.

 “We will continue to make fundraising for the American Heart Association a priority,” said Hickernell.

 To help with this, raising money may start earlier since there will have some restrictions due to COVID.

 “It is going to be hard to beat this total but I think we can be on top again this year if 2021 works hard,” said Hepler.

 Heart disease is very common and it is important for our school to come together and give back.

 “It would be great to win two years in a row, but the most important thing is raising a ton of money for the American Heart Association,” said Hepler.

Photo by Yearbook Archives

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