Students, staff adjust to wearing face coverings

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Schools across the world have had to change in order to keep students safe when all were faced with a global pandemic.  

 Not only teachers, but also students have needed to adjust to the sudden change. There are many struggles students have faced during this time, junior Elijah Walters talks about one that stood out for him, motivation. 

 “The hardest part about the whole thing was having no motivation,” Walters said. “Of course in school it feels like you have to do the work, but when you are at home there’s nothing stopping me from taking a nap during class.” 

 While there were lots of struggles, there were also some benefits for the students.  

 “It’s kind of hard to think of the good things during this time, there are a few,” said sophomore Aliyah Uffner. “It’s nice to have some personal space during this time. I’m used to being around a lot of people every day but now that aspect has kind of calmed down.” 

 A lot of people had to get used to the fact that they couldn’t see their friends. 

 “It was hard not seeing my friends,” said senior Elly Ludwig. “I was so used to seeing them every day. But it was a good opportunity to reset and think about which relationships are the most important to me,”  

 Coming back to school meant some new rules, One of them was wearing masks for majority of the day. 

Gym teacher, Monica Sheaffer tells her experience using masks as a teacher. 

 “Wearing masks doesn’t really affect my teaching too much,” said gym teacher Monica Sheaffer. “The hardest part has been hearing responses from students and seeing their facial expressions,” 

 Gym class allowed for some mask breaks. 

 “I like to give mask breaks when we go outside,” Sheaffer said. The students are able to get some fresh air and that makes it easier to participate in activities.”  

 Masks have become quite a topic of conversation.

 “I wear masks that are comfortable,” said junior Sarah Groh. “They haven’t affected my day at all. The only time I’m uncomfortable is when we have mask breaks. Even if you are six feet apart, germs can still spread especially on commonly touched objects.

 “There are varieties of masks pretty much everywhere now, Vera Bradley masks are my favorite because they are well made and relatively cheap. Using reusable masks helps reduce my daily waste, and they also come in different colors and designs to match everyone’s personality,” Groh said.

Photo by Hailey Shillabeer/Yearbook Staff

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