Student affected by cancer

Few high school students have had to experience the hardship of having a parent diagnosed with cancer. Senior Alan Yang’s mother was diagnosed with osteoscarcoma in October of 2018.

Osteoscarcoma is an extremely rare type of cancer with less than 1000 cases per year. It is a type of cancer that exists within the bone.

“Knowing programs such as Relay for Life is to help raise money for cancer is such a relief because we are not very wealthy and these programs helps pay that kind of bill,” said Yang.

Yang’s mom traveled to China back in October as she felt the communication between doctors and her transportation would be made much easier. Yang’s mother returned back early March to continue her treatment surrounded by family.

She had first realized something was wrong after finding a bump on her elbow.

“I was super worried when she went to New York to check it out. I was in school when that happened and I just couldn’t focus and kept thinking about it,” said Yang.

Yang has helped his family by calling in for his mom to make doctor’s appointments for the continuous check-ups. Yang calls in for her since both of his parents know little English.

“I was super stressed because I needed to call in to make appointments for her but I don’t have time because of spring sports,” said Yang.

He is very grateful because of the awareness of cancer created with this program and how it has helped many people.

“This program is very important to me and my family as a whole,” said Yang “This year fundraising does stand out compared to other [years] because it’s really nice to know that there are these programs out there helping the ones fighting through cancer.”

For Yang, his mother has inspired him to be who he is today.

“Every day as the school has tried to raise money for cancer, it always reminds me of that time of where my mom wanted me to be strong and focus on education and not worrying about her,” said Yang.

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