Senior prepares for life in Marines

photo provided by Justin Cruise

Few organizations are respected as much as the Marines, and this year, one senior will be joining their ranks.

Justin Cruise is preparing to enlist in the Marines as a military police officer.

“At first [joining the Marines] was about money because I really didn’t want to go to college and pay for that,” said Cruise. “It then turned into more of serving my country and being respected and having honor.”

As a military police officer, he will check people in at the entrance of the base he is stationed at and defend it.

“I’m excited for that because then I get to come home and be like ‘hey, look what I did,’” said Cruise.

Before he can begin his military career, he will need to attend boot camp for nine months of preparation. There, he will do exercises and undergo training in an environment that is notoriously difficult.

“I wanted a challenge and the Marines hold themselves to a higher standard than most of the other branches of the military, so that’s what I chose.” said Cruise.

Currently, he is preparing by going to workouts on Saturday mornings. These sessions typically last around four hours and involve doing exercises and studying information.

“They’re really effective and I have seen in myself a lot of physical and mental change,” said Cruise.

He hopes to be deployed as soon as he can after he has completed his training.

“I’m excited to be deployed,” said Cruise. “That’s probably what I’m most excited for, just going out there and seeing some crazy stuff.”

After his time in the military, he hopes to either become a state trooper or find a job in the field of psychology. In the meantime, he plans on having a long career as a Marine.

“I just want to do what I signed up to do and that’s serve,” said Cruise.

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