College visits go virtual

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

 College visits may be looking a little different than normal this year.

 As a result of COVID-19, many schools have had to adapt and adjust their college visits to follow safety precautions.

 Mass open houses for schools are now no longer an option, so schools have had to turn to virtual platforms. Some schools, depending on size and location, may have an option of an individual visit, but many are unable to have that opportunity.

 This year things are tough but the most important thing is making sure you will get the proper education.

 “Hanging out with friends, enjoying campus life, and going to football games are a large part of the college experience which can’t easily happen right now,” said Deb Follett, who oversees the career center. “But the bottom line, there is education which is the most important aspect of going to college.”

 To find out how to “visit” a specific college, there is a list of colleges and tech schools on our schools counseling website. Once you find a school you are interested in, you can click on its link and it will have you fill out an online form.

 Many seniors have yet to visit a college that needs to be done for Project Life.

 If you still need to visit a college and you do so online, there is a virtual visit form also found on the counseling website.

 The form will require students to reach out and make a further connection with someone from the virtual visit. Their email response will need to be provided with the form.

 It is hard to get the campuses feel virtually but at this time it is the safest way to still have them.

 “Ideally, a student really needs to visit a school in person when the student body is there so that you can really get a feel for the atmosphere and vibe that you get from that school’s environment,” said Follett. “But that is not possible right now under the present conditions.”

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