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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, other cafeteria staff was tasked with creating a safe way for students to eat our lunch and breakfast for the school year.  

 In order to follow proper social distancing, the cafeteria now has tables facing the same way, and  only 1-2 people may sit at a table.

 Students are assigned to a number table where they can safely take off their mask and eat.  

 “It is really different because you have your own table and you can’t sit with people,” said sophmore Katie Metzgar.

 Along with capacity and fitting everyone in the café, there are now have two different cafeterias -the normal cafeteria is for freshmen and sophomores, and Alumni Gym for juniors and seniors.  

 Juniors and seniors must pre-order their lunch by 7:30 each morning.

 Students may no longer pay with cash. Money must in the accounts of students, who then you pay by swiping their new ID card.  

 All meals are prepackaged, and it’s no longer set up like a buffet.

 Cafeteria manager Marci Heverling explained the changes.  

 “It’s very strange to not run the cafeteria normally,” said Heverling. “but we have figured out a new routine.” 

 There is no longer breakfast in the cafeteria. Instead students you grab some breakfast from one of the grab and go spots within the school and eat it during your first period.  

 “We were all told what to do, but it is difficult at times,” said Heverling. “I like the old way better, but I do like that breakfast and main lunch are free for kids.”  

Photo by Sarah Bueno/Yearbook Staff

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