FBLA vice president runs for state office


 For the first time in decades, the school’s FBLA branch is sending a student to run in a state election.
Current FBLA Vice President junior Kimberly Speece announced Tuesday that she will be running for state reporter, and if she wins, Speece will be the first state officer from Cedar Crest since 1987.
“I’m really excited about the entire process,” said FBLA adviser Amy Sullivan. “It’s been enjoyable, exciting, challenging, intensive, and I think she’s up for the challenge. I’m pretty excited about the prospect of having a state officer.”
A large part of what makes this so rare is the rigorous process needed to achieve candidacy.
The process involves receiving an endorsement from administration, two letters of recommendation, doing interviews and completing substantial online work.
“[The process of becoming a candidate] was stressful, but I got through it, and it kept me busy so I liked that aspect of it,” said Speece.
Speece hopes to enact changes such as raising chapter awareness for schools through the Pen Pal newsletter or social media.
Additionally, she hopes to experience the social aspects of being a state officer.
“I think going to states and seeing the officers, and how much fun they had and how close they are, I kind of wanted that, too,” said Speece.
Speece’s campaign will face opposition from two opponents, including Maxwell Schwabe, the vice president at large last year.
“I respect both of them,” said Speece. “I’ve seen Max before since he’s an existing officer, and I think that he’s a good person, and I’ve talked to him before, and I like him.”
Speece is not alone in her election bid, as she has received help from her campaign manager, junior Danna Torrenegra, since last October.
Alongside providing support, Torrenegra has helped Speece decide on a campaign color scheme, gather materials for banners and flyers and more.
“I’m honored because Kim is such an incredible human being,” said Torrengra. “She truly has a great work ethic  and she would bring a lot to the Pennsylvania FBLA state officer team.”


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