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Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Fall sports are back in action with major changes as to how they function. As of now, sporting events are allowed to be held, but with a major limitation in spectator numbers.

 The PIAA is choosing to abide by Gov. Tom Wolf’s guidelines, which means restricting the amount of people allowed in a facility.

 This not only includes the spectators at the sporting event, but also the players and the coaches on the field.

 The athletic department has helped to specify who may and may not attend certain sporting events, with most of that consisting of parents of players. Many teams are holding their senior nights on one of the first games, due to the unpredictability of the near future, where parents of seniors are allowed to attend no matter what sport it is.

 While the restrictions are in place to prevent the spread of COVID, the limitations have become frustrating for both family members of players and students.

 The school is doing what it can to allow students to still watch the games. The broadcast video team is livestreaming some of the games, which students can then watch from wherever they like.

 Students in varying levels of broadcast video are filming the game as it is being streamed. There are two commentators, which have consisted of other coaches, who watch the game and report things as they are happening.

 The livestream is a great opportunity for students to be able to watch the game from home and not miss it. Although it is not the same as being in the student section, it still allows students to cheer on their team.

 Not having the chance to cheer your team on in person and being a part of the student section is tough for students.  

 Administration has been doing their best to try and return things to normalcy, but it isn’t the same as it would’ve been.

 Many seniors look forward to being able to sit at the front of the student section and lead the rest of the students in cheering on the team. Freshmen also look forward to finally being a part of the student section and experience one of the best parts of high school.

 Even athletes look forward to having their fellow peers cheer them on during a game. It not only makes the athlete feel proud of what they do, but also makes them work even harder to get the crowd riled up.

 Hopefully, there will soon be a chance to watch these games in person and have a real, live student section.

 As long as we take the right safety precautions, we will soon be able to enter the stadium and cheer on our teams. 

Photo by Hailey Shillabeer/ Yearbook Staff

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