Artist's first album unexceptional

graphic by Marissa Arnold

Although Billie Eilish has become a rising sensation for this generation, she failed to perfect her singing performance in her new album “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO."

Her album was released March 29. This is Eilish’s first album in her career succeeding the many singles she has released along with covers she has done in the past.

Eilish’s showers her songs with her personality while also deeply choosing proper lyrics for many fans to relate too. She shows throughout her album how young she is and provides laughter with the comments that are made throughout the song.

“my strange addiction” provides a drop of laughter when she includes scenes from “The Office” in her lyrics, adding to the appeal that she is a relatable person.

However, this also shows she’s young and has much to learn. Although her lyrics are relatable, her performance of her lyrics fail terribly.

Her vocals fail to live up to the expectations many fans have of her. The majority of her songs tend to lead to different variations of mumbling and while songs like “when the party’s over” deserves recognition some lower notes also failed to be perfected.

Eilish overall plays it safe with this album as it is average with phenomenal rhyme in her lyrics and a true representation of who she is but overall failing at the range in vocals and how she pronounces her lyrics as they are very unclear at times.

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