Staffer weighs track against a job

Many students, like myself, are faced with the challenge of managing time, money and responsibilities throughout the school year.

This became an issue for me when I was deciding between doing track and field or getting a job this spring. I weighed out my pros and cons and made a decision to stick with track.

I knew I couldn’t give up track my senior season, but the idea of having extra money was very tempting. Especially with the things coming up as a senior like prom, senior week and summer vacation.

I thought of getting a job not only to have money but also with the hopes that I would have more free time. I was thinking I could work, but not every day. Of course, we all know how tough work schedules can be.

I had only worked one place before and the hassle of finding a job and making sure that I liked it would have been annoying. I have a summer job that I love at the Jigger Shop.

I actually feel that I have more free time doing track as practices end at a reasonable time and I still get to do a sport I really love with some of my best friends. I also stay in shape which is a huge plus.

The more I thought about it, being something I have done the past 3 years, it became a no brainer that I chose track. I couldn’t imagine my years of hard work going to waste not going out for my senior season.

Although it is nice to work and have extra money, I stopped and thought about the fact that I only get to experience high school once while I have the rest of my life to work. I didn’t want to give up something as important to me as track.

High school sports are so much fun as you get to compete and be a part of a family. I’m beyond happy with my decision even though I know I would have benefited either way.

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