How COVID-19 affects senior year

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

This school year looks a lot different than it did, especially for seniors. We get to have a senior year, but it isn’t the same is it would’ve been pre-COVID.

 A lot of things that we seniors look forward to are being cancelled, postponed, or are in question of even happening. It’s hard for us to cope with loosing these senior milestones and trying to keep a positive attitude throughout all of this chaos.

 When we left in March for quarantine, it was hard to know if we would ever get the chance to come back to school. Thankfully, we do get to come back, but we don’t get to see all of our friends, as we are only coming in every other day.

 Normally I would get to have class with about 23 people, but now I only have class with a maximum of 13 people. I had also already planned to take college classes, but now, while I’m here in class all eight periods, some of my friends only have four classes and get to go home early.

 The senior credit change has allowed a lot more flexibility for us seniors to work in our schedules.

 Applying for college right now is different because of the SAT cancellations. After rescheduling to take my SATs three different times, I decided against taking them, because the colleges I’m applying to don’t require scores anymore.

 As a senior, you look forward to having certain privileges and going to different events for one last time. This year, there is no sitting in the front at football games, no attending various sports games, no homecoming, and possibly not even a prom.

 As of now, prom is still scheduled to be happening, but if things don’t improve, it will be limited and restricted to only Cedar Crest seniors. Even the homecoming dance, which isn’t as big as prom, has been cancelled this year due to COVID.

 We do get a chance to have homecoming court, but having everything but the dance is a bit disappointing.

 It really stinks this year, not being able to go to games, not having a senior homecoming, and not being able to see all your friends every day. As the year goes on there is hope for improvement, but right now all we can do as seniors is try to make the best of it. 

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