Senior hopes to take hoop photos at Duke

photo provided by Broadcast Video 3

Taking photos for the Duke Men’s Basketball team would be a slam dunk for senior Jackson Muraika.

Next fall he will be attending Duke University in North Carolina and is planning to major in Economics. He chose Duke for its immense opportunities and great mix of size and flexibility.

“I don’t want to go to a school so crowded it felt overwhelming,” said Muraika.

In college he also plans to continue taking pictures. He has created a goal for himself because he is disappointed by the lack of photographs he’s taken recently.

Muraika has set the goal of taking photos for the Men’s Basketball team at Duke. He believes Duke will give media opportunities and creative flexibility with his photography.

“It is difficult to work towards something without a goal,” said Muraika.

The men’s basketball team’s photographs are seen by their over 2.2 million twitter followers and one million Instagram followers. The team is five-time National Champions and the top seed in the March Madness Tournament that begins this weekend.

Muraika plans to start by taking pictures as an independent photographer for the Duke school paper, The Chronicle. The Chronicle is a daily newspaper both in the paper and online.

After reaching out to Jon Jackson, Director of Network and Digital Media at Duke, he said they do have student help, but no formal program in digital media with the team. Mr. Jackson also directed interest in photography to Reagan Lunn, who is responsible for not only the men’s basketball team but all 27 varsity sports teams at the university.

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