Sequel fails to match previous films

Despite continuing a series of movies that made Tyler Perry famous, the new film, A Madea Family Funeral has failed to continue his legacy.

Starting off with sublime acting, Sylvia played by Cierra Payton (“The Runner” 2015, and “Madea Goes to Jail” 2009) and Carol played by Kj Smith (“Baker’s Man” 2017, and “Throwback Holiday” 2018 ) are preparing a family reunion inviting Madea, played by Tyler Perry (“The Haves and Have Nots” 2013, and ”Madea goes to jail” 2009) and her family to come celebrate.

The movie continues as the death occurs near both Aj played by Courtney Burell (“Too Close To Home” 2017, and “Black Boots” 2013-2016) and Renee played by Quin Walters( “The Haves and Have Nots” 2017,and “America’s Most Wanted” 2010) and the death occurs at a place both characters aren’t supposed to be at, leading to a suspicion of lies that have truly caught up with them both.

The story line sounds enjoyable but proven otherwise by the death that occurs. The movie tries to keep up its streak of unstoppable laughter but fail to do so as they do not come up with a new string of jokes.

The movie overuses innuendos to the point where it makes up the plot and doesn’t appeal viewers.

Although the jokes and plot seem very dragging, the ending of the movie powers through with a great life lesson of maturity and loving yourself and realizing the respect everyone deserves.

Overall, Perry stays strong with the many life lessons that are taught but lack in the overall structure of acting and plot.

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