Seniors commit to colleges

As the year goes on, more seniors have completed their exit interviews, and more know which college they are going to. Their high school experiences are coming to a close, and many of these students have reflections on it all.

The beginning of the end was the exit interview, and the process in preparing for it. Most students begin with the step of choosing some colleges they would like to apply to.

Senior Ian Benard had four colleges in mind: Penn State, University of North Carolina, Temple and West Chester University. One of the big factors in his decision process, like many, was price.

“Well I applied to all the places, and then I got accepted to Penn State and it was just the cheapest option and one of the best, so I wanted that,” said Benard.

Other seniors like Zach Zimmerman or Grant Ruhl knew for a while exactly what college they wanted to go to.

“I was pretty much decided a long time ago that I wanted to go to Penn State, and so that’s the first place I applied,” said Ruhl. “I applied for early action so that if I didn’t get in I still had time to apply to somewhere else, but I did get in.”

In addition to getting set up with colleges, students also had to have job shadows done. Their mileage on how convinced they were of their career path varied, but many of them gained valuable insights.

“[The job shadow] definitely reinforced that I want to go into the business field, just because I love interacting with people throughout the day, and I just love dealing with numbers,” said Benard.

Once a job shadow, college resume, and the online portion of Project LIFE were completed, seniors only have two more things: constructing a resume, and conducting their interview. Resumes consist of what students want to convey about themselves to possible employers such as notable courses, extracurricular activities, work experience, and any awards earned.

After all the individual portions are completed, the only thing a senior has left is to conduct their interview. They should be well dressed, come prepared with their Project LIFE materials, and be ready to answer difficult questions.

“They ask you a lot of questions that require a lot of thought,” said Ruhl. “The first they ask when you walk in is ‘Tell us about yourself.’

They ask you about your strengths and weaknesses. They’re pretty easy questions, you just got to not get too nervous and be logical about it.”

And once the exit interview is completed, seniors have little else to do beyond riding out the rest of their year. Some have exciting school experiences planned ahead of them, but others are more eager to graduate to the next stage in their lives.

“I got accepted to the Bible Institute back in October, so senior year almost feels like it doesn’t matter, but I still got to just push through it,” said Zimmerman.

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