Superhero origin film meets expectations

graphic by Marissa Arnold

The latest superhero film is a ‘marvel’ on many accounts.

“Captain Marvel” was released March 8, serving as the origin story for its heroine.

The plot, set in 1995, follows Kree Starforce member Vers, played by Brie Larson (“Room,” 2015 and “Kong: Skull Island,” 2017) as she is stranded on Earth. A rogue agent, she attempts to find and defeat the shapeshifter Skrulls that followed her to the planet.

Vers, who previously could not remember anything prior to joining the Starforce, is confronted with memory flashes of a life on Earth. She attempts to piece together her own story as she works with a young Nick Fury, played by Samuel L. Jackson (“Pulp Fiction,” 1994 and “The Hateful Eight,” 2015).

With its frequent flashbacks, “Captain Marvel” diversifies its storytelling and provides necessary background without seeming forced. This also allows the audience to engage with the plot by attempting to put the pieces together.

However, the amount of obvious cinematic hints from the first scene remove any sense of surprise at large plot twists. While hints can be beneficial, they require subtlety to maintain quality.

In typical Marvel style, the movie showcases an excellent blend of comedy and depth. While the film is slightly slow to start, Vers’ navigation of Earth is full of humor and action.

The special effects live up to Marvel’s exceptional standards. The aesthetic details like ’90s decor, the build of other locations and character design all provide a mix of functionality and fun.

Of course, superhero movies are built around their action, and “Captain Marvel” is no exception. Its fight scenes are generally well-choreographed and visually interesting.

’90s music playing in the background of certain fight scenes adds a humorous dissonance. It also leans into the setting, solidifying it as a period piece of sorts.

“Captain Marvel” succeeds on most accounts. While it is far from the greatest superhero movie in recent history, it is a worthy addition to Marvel’s cinematic universe.

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