Seniors travel off-campus for lunch

For many other schools, leaving during lunch time is a regular occurrence. Now, it has been implemented here.

In the past month, seniors have been able to venture out and enjoy a different meal on Fridays during their lunch.

“I think it’s really fun to take a break from the normal routines of school and take some time to sit down and eat lunch,” said senior Pam Wuori.

The incentive has been offered for seniors with a blue or gray Renaissance card.

“It gives students more of a chance with freedom to go outside during the day and being trusted to come back,” said senior Myah Chapman.

Students must follow guidelines and must be back by the end of their lunch period.

“We started to look at what is the benefit of having a Renaissance card,” said Assistant Principal John Shaffer. “We came up with some different ideas of what other schools do and what can have a good impact to see and showcase that the Renaissance card is beneficial.”

Renaissance cards are given to students in great academic standing. Gray cards require around a 3.3 or higher.

“I think it is beneficial because I think getting opportunities like these where we get rewards for having a good academic accomplishments are good for our well-being,” said Wuori.

Although beneficial, some minor issues have been shown. Some problems include not enough dining options around 4th period, carpooling concerns and time management.

“[I would change] being able to go in the same car with your friends, it was sad driving alone,” said Chapman.

“It was kind of difficult because I didn’t expect there to be a lot of traffic and there was so i only had about 20 min to eat,” said Wuori.

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