Cafeteria expands menu

Many people like trying new foods, and soon students will get the chance to do so in the cafeteria.

The cafeteria will be changing some of their menu offerings in the next few weeks. These changes include adding more portable lunch items along with a few new lunch options.

“Whatever you guys are asking for, we’re trying to go that route,” said cafeteria manager Marci Heverling. “We’re trying to make you guys more comfortable with what is down here and to want to come to lunch.”

The main goal of making these changes is to make lunch more accessible for students who leave the cafeteria either for class or to go to CTC.

“I think the grab-and-go options are a good idea for the simple fact that we have a lot of kids that don’t have lunch periods or go to CTC,” said Haverling. “I just think that would be a good fit for the school.”

To involve the students in the decision-making process, they invited Student Council to discuss what new food options should be made available.

“It was nice to be able to sit down and talk about what’s going on in the cafeteria and how we can improve it,” said Student Council member Cyja Hepler. “It was nice that they gave the students a voice in the food selection.”

While there, Student Council members also had the opportunity to taste some of the menu items they were considering.

“[The food] was good,” said Hepler. “It was better than we expected for cafeteria food.”

The cafeteria staff hopes to implement the changes soon, but the cooler they ordered to store the new food options was broken on arrival, which slowed their progress. However, since they already have the supplies to make the new menu items, they will make the changes as soon as the new cooler arrives.

“I definitely think it’ll be better,” said Hepler. “Some of the stuff they were talking about will definitely make not only the cafeteria better but just the school food and access to food a lot better for all of the students.”

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