Without activity periods, clubs meeting online

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

 With social distancing being enforced, and the loss of activity periods, Cedar Crest clubs have had to find a way to adjust to the new normal for the fall semester.

 Students are used to having clubs every Wednesday activity period, but with Corona Virus, those have been removed for now.

 It is unsure if activity periods will return when the whole student body is in the building, but some club leaders are still finding ways to meet.

 Amy Sullivan, the adviser for Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) has been meeting withher club.

 “We will be holding meetings virtually using Teams,” said Sullivan. “Meetings will have one main focus and will center around leadership development, academic competitions, educational programs, community service, or award and recognition.”

 Other advisers are unsure on how to run meetings, like Christin Opreska, the adviser for Aevidum. However, she is not too concerned that the message behind Aevidum isn’t getting to the student body.

 “I think we have a strong culture of “I’ve Got Your Back” at Cedar Crest, so that makes me happy,” said Opreska.

 Aevidum cannot do their annual lock-in fundraiser that they hold every year, but some leaders have reached out to see what can be done safely with all of the new guidelines.

 Every club fears they won’t get many members as they hoped, but with the loss of activity periods, advisers worry that incoming freshmen, and possible members won’t gain the interest of the clubs to join.

 “I’m very concerned about gaining new members,” said Opreska. “We are lucky Aevidum has a strong base of students, but I am absolutely worried about gaining new members since new students will have no real idea about our club.”

 However, Sullivan isn’t too concerned about the gaining of new members.

 “We had such a strong senior roster that graduated in 2020, this year was going to be a rebuilding year anyhow,” said Sullivan. “I’m hopeful students will understand the importance of being active in a club in order to boost their resume for jobs or college admissions.”

 Along with clubs having to find adaptions, Cedar Crest’s drama program has had to find ways to still do the fall play.

 Auditions were held last week with the cast named last Friday.

 “We are running the rehearsal process as usual, just with masks and different days for different last names,” said English teacher Amy Haines.

 The director will be James Waldron again. It is unclear how they will put on the show, but they are eager to get back to acting.

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