Album features confusing lyrics, choppy sound

Juice wrld released his third studio album “Death Race for Love,” equally sad in sound and quality, on March 8.

Most people, whether they are fans of Juice wrld or only heard a few of his songs, recognize him for his sad rap lyrics.

“Death Race for Love” features 22 mediocre songs about love, depression, lean broken hearts, depression, regrets, betrayal, depression, etc.

Though the album is mostly depressing and poorly written, listeners can find one or two songs they like enough to listen to again.

“Big” and “Fast” are two of these songs, even though they contrast greatly.

“Big” has a stronger beat with good lyrics, while “Fast” is slower with a more chill vibe.

Many songs on the album fail because their lyrics are overly confusing or just do not make sense. This might have something to do with the rumors Juice wrld freestyled the entire album.

“Syphilis” is one of these songs and also features a choppy beat, easily making it the worst on the album.

Other songs, such as “Bees Knees” feature over-exaggerated talking intervals that add nothing to the song.

Thematically, “Death Race for Love” is too long and too quickly created for a new artist. The songs reveal his inexperience and leave much to be desired.


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