Athlete overcomes injuries before lacrosse season

Some athletes struggle with injuries, dying to get back into the game, but senior football and lacrosse player Gage Ebersole has overcome three major injuries throughout his high school career and is ready to return to the field.

This past fall Ebersole tore his labrum in his left shoulder in the second football game of the season. He then had to get surgery, missed the remainder of the football season, and then got cleared four months later just in time for lacrosse.

“As I was recovering I knew I would be missing a ton of sports,” said Ebersole. “The constant Friday nights on the sidelines and watching practices crushed me, although made me strive to get back even more.”

With constant trips to the doctor and physical therapy sessions, Ebersole says he did whatever it took to heal by the time lacrosse season came around the corner. He was expected to be cleared six months after his injury, but managed to heal in four.

“He has an engine that doesn’t stop and not only does he work hard for himself,” said boys’ varsity lacrosse coach William Folk. “He also inspires his teammates who work hard as well because he brings a positive attitude to the team that the other guys feed off of.”

Ebersole plays both offense and defense and also takes face offs. He has been playing lacrosse for six years and has lettered all four years of his high school career.

“Gage is absolutely vital to the team and not having him would hurt the team a lot,” said senior teammate John Lux. “Gage overall is a great lacrosse player and awesome to have as a teammate.”

Ebersole has had three surgeries throughout his high school athletic career. As a freshman, he broke his left elbow playing football and as a sophomore he tore the ACL in his left knee causing him to miss football season his junior year.

“I’d have to say getting cleared is one of the best feelings I have ever experienced and this is because after every injury, I’d hope it was all a dream,” said Ebersole. “I’d wish I could replay that play and I’d be angry and sad but reality gives nothing back.

“I am more appreciative of everything in life and have trained harder than ever to be back. I truly believe in my abilities more and play with a chip on my shoulder. This should be the perfect ending to my senior year.”

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