'New normal' routine: Juniors navigate school

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

The school day starts on the bus. Normally, we would all walk in through the front doors, but this year, there’s a new normal.

 Now, every other day, I enter the school through the library doors to avoid big crowds.

 This year we go straight to first period - there is no homeroom.

 Students who drive, like Bella Cruz, don’t have a huge window of time to get to school before 1st period starts and our virtual classmates log on.

 Not as much work gets done in our 45 minute periods, as the teachers have to instruct both us and the students at home. 

 Normally, Bella and I would be able to go straight from physics (room 306) down the 400 hallway to make our way to AP Lang (room 413).

 This year, we have to detour in between almost every period due to the one-way hallways that enforce social distancing.

 Although a few hallways are two-way, we must walk down the 300 hallway and turn left back up toward the 400 hallway to get to 2nd period.

 One-way hallways also mean that some students may arrive to class a bit later. Because of this, we had an extra minute to get to class on the first couple days of school.

 Masks are the new social normal at Cedar Crest. Some teachers allow brief mask breaks, but we wear them throughout the day over our noses.

 We look forward to lunch extra this year, because it’s the only period through the day where we don’t have to wear our masks.

 As upperclassmen, we eat in the Alumni gym at socially distanced and sanitized tables.

 These measures once again limit large crowds to prevent any outbreaks.

 A lot of new tech has also been added to the school, including cameras for virtual classes, and scanners to accommodate our new IDs.

 The new IDs are multipurpose, and are used as hall passes as well as to purchase lunch.

 Because we eat in the Alumni gym instead of the cafeteria, we pre-order our lunches online in the morning.

 Locker rooms are also off limits for PE class, so I don’t have to change for net wall games.

 After school, Bella goes to field hockey practice.

 Now that there’s a confirmed season, the bags are distanced and players stay as far apart as possible during practice.

 As fall sports continue, the field hockey team will continue to use safety measures such as wearing masks when off the field to keep the team (and everyone around) safe.

Although the 2020-21 school year may be different, we will continue to follow all the safety regulations the CLSD has put in place in hopes for a great junior year.

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