Seniors gain off-campus lunch option

photo by Morgan Menser

For many students, lunch is the highlight of their day, and soon seniors will have more of a reason to look forward to their lunch period.

Seniors with blue or gray Renaissance cards will be able to leave school on Fridays to get lunch off-campus starting within the next few weeks. This initiative was started by seniors Serena Cheng and Katie Knapp.

“I just thought it was a really fun idea that a lot of students would really enjoy being able to do,” said Knapp. “And I just really wanted to be able to go off-campus for lunch.”

The goal of the initiative is to provide another incentive for students to strive towards academic achievement.

“I think that a lot of kids, not just seniors but also underclassmen will have an incentive to sort of work harder and work to their potential to be able to receive this reward,” said Cheng. “It’ll really just spark motivation and drive into all the students”

Students must also have parental permission and a designated lunch period in their schedule to participate. They will not be allowed to have someone else drive them, so it is further restricted to students who have the ability to drive themselves.

“[I hope for] everybody to just try to make sure they’re following these rules so that it’s not something that has to be ended so quickly and that we can really enjoy this new possibility,” said Knapp.

Students will need to scan their IDs at the front desk before they are able to leave the building.

“[Scanning IDs] will be a lot faster than students signing in and out,” said Malinoski. “[It will promote] ownership for students because they need to have their ID.”

Students who take advantage of this opportunity will be closely monitored to ensure that they are leaving and returning on time. The first time they arrive back late, they receive a warning and the second time, they will no longer be allowed to leave school for lunch.

If a student does not come back the rest of the day or if they miss an entire period, they will immediately lose their off-campus lunch privileges. In these cases, further discipline may be pursued as well.

“It is extremely important for students to follow the rules that we have laid out because if you are not, you are not only ruining it for yourself but you are ruining it for others,” said principal Nicole Malinoski. “We want to empower students here and we want you to be responsible leaders and we want to see how this goes.”

Aside from these restrictions, this initiative will allow students to take a break during their busy school day to enjoy some food.

“I think it’s going to be really fun for everyone because you can just go out and eat with your friends,” said Cheng. “Of course, you have to follow the rules but I’m really excited to see this be put in place and I look forward to seeing how everyone reacts to it and how it goes.”

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