Student section finds alternate ways to cheer

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

With fall sports in full swing, many people are wondering what the situation is with spectators.

 The teams are working hard on the field while the athletic department is working hard behind the scenes to make sure that there are fans allowed in the future.

 “(Athletic Director Chris) Groff and I have been throwing around ideas trying to find the safest and best way to incorporate the student sections into the games,” said senior Cole Thompson, a leader of the student section. “The priority right now is to get us seniors involved as this is our last year but we would like as many students as possible,”

 Although no students have been able to spectate games so far, there is still hope for further in the season. Gov. Tom Wolf was set to issue new state guidelines this week, after the Talon went to press on Monday.

 The student section leaders are brainstorming ideas of how to get the student body involved.

 “So the plans for the student section are to hopefully be allowed to have some sort of normal activities like tailgating and painting up as soon as possible even if masks are necessary,” said senior Emily Brutko, a student section leader.

 The students from broadcast video have limestreamed home games, including all football games.

 The livestream for the Manheim Central game had more than 1,000 viewers.

 “The stream went great, it was really nice being able to post on the Falcon Nation social medias and be able to run the stream. It was really fun and went really smoothly,” said Thompson.

 The Falcon Nation twitter was responding to tweets about the stream, in an attempt to make this experience as close to normal as possible.

 “It was super cool to still be able to watch the game and tweet along with other students. It’s not ideal but at least it’s a cool way to connect,” said Brutko.

 Many students’ favorite part about the home games is the theme of the student section.

 “We are planning on themed games if we can. We are not sure how they will look yet, but we definitely want to have them maybe as virtual days or students can dress up at school,” said Brutko.

 “The theme will come along with the games, it is week to week right now on what we are going to do but I and the rest of our senior falcon nation have some pretty cool ideas.” said Thompson.

Photo by Hailey Shillabeer/Yearbook Staff

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