Senior takes on complex role

photo by Annika Evans

Being a lead takes hard work, determination and practice.

Aaron Ciccone proves that as he prepares to star in The Sound of Music, the spring musical.

“It feels good, I’m happy with the role that I had gotten,” said Ciccone. “But also I feel like I don’t truly care about being the lead more so than just acting in general and having the ability to tell a story.”

Ciccone is a senior and this will be his last time participating in the musical. Ciccone will be playing Captain Von Trapp in the Sound of Music.

“In comparison to the character that I played in the fall play’s production, it’s a lot more of a structured character,” said Ciccone. “I have to change essentially during the show. I have to be more than just a flat character.”

The musical is being performed March 1 - 3. The dates are coming up soon, bringing Ciccone some nerves.

“I’m most stressed, I’m nervous but I’m also very excited because I know it will turn out well,” said Ciccone. “It will be fine because that’s just always how it is the week before the show. I’m looking forward to it and I’m excited.”

Ciccone will be sharing the stage with the other lead Kara Peterschmidt, who plays Maria.

“Being able to work with her during the show is quite phenomenal because sometimes she’ll just do something that I like wasn’t expecting and it will just be amazing and I’ll just have to roll with it,” said Ciccone. “I feel like working with Kara really makes me a better actor because I have to just adapt to her and I have to work with her and I am very grateful for that.”

“We already spend a lot of time together in chorus and we are good friends so its nice know him really well so you’re comfortable with him so you can well with someone you’re comfortable with,” said Kara Peterschmidt, who is playing Maria in the musical.

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