Sequel follows convoluted plot

graphic by Marissa Arnold


Presenting little diversity from the original, the sequel “Happy Death Day 2U” is a surprisingly enjoyable film.

The film picks up directly where the prequel left off, and the audience begins to see another day loop unravel.

Collegian Tree Gelbman, played by Jessica Rothe (“La La Land” 2016, “Forever My Girl” 2018) attempts to save her friend from a fate she once faced, but instead wakes up to find herself trapped in another dimension.

She sets out to send herself back to her correct dimension while learning quantum physics, having lunch with her deceased mom, befriending her old killer, and avoiding being murdered every night by an escaped serial killer.

Although the plot is interesting, it tries too hard to follow that of the last movie. It also attempts to make too many crazy plot twists that it seems crammed and unconcise.

However, the movie was still enjoyable to watch and the dark humor makes it surprisingly funny.

The sarcastic, passive aggressive acting adds to the film’s humor while making the characters more relatable.

Thematically, “Happy Death Day 2U” has an overly redundant storyline filled with potholes, but its use of dark comedy is able to overcome these problems.


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