Cafeteria adds fruit slushies

A tasty new lunch treat for students has just hit the cafeteria, with the arrival of the new slushy machines.

Installed Feb. 4, the slushies may be added to lunches as a fruit item. Students have already been enjoying them, and many are getting them with their meals.

“It is to help add a new fruit to the mix,” said cafeteria manager Marci Heverling. “The slushy machine is 100 percent juice, so that gives the option to have that. We figured the kids would like it.”

The slushy machines have also impacted the sales of other items in the cafeteria, namely the other fruit items. Fewer fresh fruits are being sold.

“I enjoy them more than fruit, however I would prefer a focus on serving better and fresher fruits instead of replacing them,” said senior Sam Noggle. “I know fruit is still an option, but I don’t think students would choose it over the slushies.”

The slushies possess no added sugars and carry some of the nutritional value of fruits.

In general, fruit sales are higher because the slushies count as a fruit item, and Heverling believes there is a long-term benefit for the students.

In order to get a chilly treat in the past, a student would have to buy an ice cream item, which do not have the same nutritional value. Students are enjoying the new machines and the variety they add to their meals.

“Yeah, it definitely has improved my lunches overall,” said senior Taylor Reese. “Even if it's just a little touch, it gives me something I’ll actually enjoy eating. The flavors are good too, especially the blue raspberry, but a cherry flavored one would be nice, though.”

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