Roof slated for summer repairs

photo by Alexis Steele

Anyone walking down a hallway has most likely had to avoid a trashcan that has been placed there to catch water from a leak in the roof.

Anyone looking up at ceiling tiles is likely to have noticed brown stains caused by water from leaks in the roof.

Some students have had to relocate classrooms temporarily after heavy rains resulted in major leaks in classrooms.

Clearly, the school’s roof needs to be replaced.

That’s exactly what will happen this summer, according to Principal Nicole Malinoski and building manager Joe Raiger.

We hope it will truly be replaced this summer – instead of the usual patching that has taken place over the years. While we understand patching is a much more cost-effective, short-term fix, it is clear the multi-million dollar roof project must be addressed.

Malinoski and Raiger also said major renovations for the school are scheduled for 2023.

We hope that, too, will take place.

In addition to the roof, renovations are especially needed to the auditorium, bathrooms and classrooms, where countertops are held together with tape.

The 2023 renovations are in their initial planning phase and won’t be finalized until consulting with multiple professionals regarding the building’s layout, according to Malinoski. These include architects, engineers and others who will be able to assess the current state of the school.

Goals will be to both get an understanding of physical things – such as how old and worn things are - as well as things like what areas are trafficked the most.

Based on that information, plans will be established for where and how work would take place. The ones that do end up taking shape in 2023 will be the some of the largest changes since 1997.

We understand that cost is a major factor, especially since the taxpayers in the community will be the ones paying for it. We trust the school will spend the money wisely, as it has done in the past.

However, this building is a place of learning and growth young minds, and they should be given the best possible environment to flourish.

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