ID policy stressed by administration

Following the new ID policy, the administration has taken further action to ensure students are following the newly implemented rules.

The administration has begun enacting random school-wide ID checks. These checks require students who are not wearing their IDs at the time of the check be reported by their teacher via computer.

“Honestly I think the second semester is going a lot better,” said Nicole Malinoski. “I think we see a lot more students wearing the ID and change takes time, it really does, so we also have to look at the big picture as well.”

Students, on the other hand feel the random checks are unnecessary and disruptive to class.

“I understand why they’re do [the random checks], and I think teachers checking is fine,” said senior Rachel Batra. “But when it becomes disruptive to class I think that’s just counter-productive.”

Inability to wear ID or use of earbuds in the hallways will now result in students being ineligible for Wings of Praise prizes when drawn.

“We really want to start adding more rewards for wings of praise, encouraging students to abide by those two simple rules,” said Malinoski. “That’s really the intent is to remind students ‘hey let’s do this together.’”

Administration has also assigned a number of students to create posters illustrating the ID and earbuds policy. They hope this will remind students of the new rules and make it easier for teachers to address the problem.

“We really want students to abide by those two rules we have,” said Malinoski. “There are certain students who refuse to do it and we have to work together as a staff to handle those specific situations.”

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