Artist inspires elementary students

provided by Jennifer Gemundt

During the start of the school year I was contacted by Sarah Gebhard about a mural project at South Lebanon Elementary School. They had been looking for someone to make their idea come to life because the teachers involved were too busy to accomplish it on their own.

I took the opportunity and accepted the task to paint for them. I got in contact with Jennifer Gemundt, a 5th grade teacher who was ecstatic to finally get the project started.

I was taken to the school’s cafeteria which was like a blank canvas in need for color. I began visualizing how big I’d make the design they had come up with and how to make it happen.

The mural was all about inspiring the kids there and the characteristics they could embody. The colorful design was created by Gemundt and Tori Dissinger.

From then on I came most Tuesdays and Thursdays for an hour or two before guard practice to paint. I had a few weeks where things got busy and I wasn’t able to work on it which caused the mural to take longer than I planned.

By mid-January I had completed all 58 blocks and written 58 adjectives and the phrase “I AM”. I felt proud to have successfully completed it in about 12 or so hours overall.

I put the final touch of my signature in the top corner with the year it was completed in. After talking with Gemundt it was decided that I would create smaller murals to decorate their cafeteria further.

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