'90s boy band ages into mediocrity

Backstreet’s back and it is just alright. The Backstreet Boys released their 9th studio album “DNA” a generation too late.

Attempting a comeback, the Backstreet boys threw together a monotonous album with sound dating back to the early nineties. While big in their day, their a capella style and frequent solos make the album boring and tedious.

“Is It Just Me” is the worst on the album due to its trivial sound. It is completely unoriginal, with nothing separating it from others on the album.

Most songs on the album suffer from their likeness to each other. This makes the entire album comparable to a Taco Bell menu: fancy names, same taste.

The album as a whole is an indistinguishable mush of songs.

However, there are some highlights to “DNA.”

“Chances” and “The Way It Was” are above average songs due to their upbeat atmosphere and lack of a capella. The also contain the fewest solos out of all the songs on the album.

“Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” which was released prior to the album, stands out on top. The group makes better use of their combined vocals in the song while still keeping their original ‘90s sound.

Thematically, the Backstreet Boys try too hard to bring it back and their cringe-worthy efforts are visible throughout the unexciting songs

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