Comic-based film's art awes viewers

Spinning a new diverse twist on the beloved Spider-Man, “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” takes viewers on a thrilling journey of the new Spider-Man.

After tragedy strikes, Miles Morales, voiced by Shameik Moore (“The Get Down” 2016-2017, “Dope” 2015), is forced to confront his new powers and save the world as the new Spider-Man.

A split through time and space causes multiple dimensions to unravel and leads other-dimension spider-men (and women) to join forces with Miles in an attempt to get home.

The plot is extremely creative and expresses and new take on a well-known classic. It also reveals new original origin stories based off the comic.

Also, the diverse take on Spider-Man and the struggles he faced through the film were also notable aspects of its modernization.

The most impressive part of the movie was the comic-style graphics.

Graphics and art throughout the movie were distinctive to each Spider-Man and combined to give a real life comic book effect. The film also transitioned itself in this style, incorporating features of text and sound.

The only downfall to the film was its sometimes present unnecessary focus on unrelated humor that strayed from the main plot. Although this was a mere annoyance rather than a tarnishing element.

Thematically, “Spider-Man: Into the Spider- Verse” was a beautifully designed movie that highlighted an interesting new perspective on the Marvel hero.

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