Nintendo game improves gameplay, music

graphic by Marissa Arnold

When Smash Bros. for the Wii U and 3DS was released, Smash Bros. Ultimate was put into development instantly.

Creator Masahiro Sakurai wanted the game to live up to its title and be the Smash Bros. game that every fan could enjoy. Ultimate does just this.

All fighters and music from previous games return, with more than 100 stages are in the game.

New fighters have shown to be fan-favorites, with no boundaries on who could be included. The reveal of Joker from Persona as the first DLC character demonstrates this.

The game had a development period twice the length of the previous Smash game, and Ultimate oozes with evidence of this. Characters traditionally seen as clones, now called Echo Fighters, are given more fleshed-out movesets that draw from their games.

Echo Fighters have differences that complement their origins. Simon has a stronger whip, as that is his weapon of choice, and Richter, his Echo, has stronger tools, such as the holy water and axe.

The music of the game has something for all people to enjoy. Old favorite songs such as Dreamland return, along with some new flavors.

New remixes range from the trumpet solo of Gangplank Galleon to the upbeat orchestration of Breath of the Wild. The French horn feature Fourside and a remix of the flute solo of Pikmin to a Trombone - Electric guitar rendition also liven the game.

Metalopod, I Am Octavio and Bloody Tears flex the game’s range of music, from grunge to EDM to gothic rock. Much of the main mechanics of Ultimate stay the same to other Smash games, following the mantra of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’

This is shown in its multiplayer, which is as fun as ever, and is even more addicting with more content to keep the game fresh. However, the online capabilities leave much to be desired, as the system of the previous game has been done away with.

In its place is a queueing system. However, queueing for a game mode does not mean that a player will be placed in that game mode, making it very hard to find a competitive 1v1 match.

However, given the massive scope of the game, Ultimate is very easy to enjoy without searching for a specific online mode.

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