Film bores audiences

Based on a true story, “Welcome to Marwen” portrays a message of hardship and healing, confronting the wounds left on the mind.

The film starts by introducing Mark Hogancamp, played by Steve Carrel (“Beautiful Boy” 2018, “The Office” 2005-2013), and the individual dolls in the city of Marwen, Hogancamp’s famous fantasy city.

The film follows two intersecting plots, that of Hogancamp and his self-reflective doll, Hoagie. It immediately becomes obvious that the dolls and events in Marwen are representative of Hogancamp’s real life experiences, specifically the women in it.

Hogancamp uses the dolls to cope with his trauma from an assault that left him on the verge of death. Through his dolls and the photographs he takes of them, he is able to heal and confront his assailants.

Because the movie is based on a true story, the plot is not as exciting as expected. The acting is fantastic and brings the story to life, especially through the dolls.

The animation present throughout the movie that showed Hoagie’s story was incredibly detailed and elaborate. Each doll shows elaborate emotion and are incorporated in intense action sequences.

Overall, “Welcome to Marwen” is an interesting film that tug at the heart strings. However, its slow storyline and lack of action makes it better suited for a family home movie than a night out.

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