Weatherman to continue in college

Twice a week, senior Kyle Nazarchuk appears on the morning announcements and delivers a weather report. What most students do not know is the time and preparation that goes into these reports.

Nazarchuk references forecasts from major weather services like the National Weather Service and the Weather Channel. He also looks at Millersville’s in-house weather radars and products to refine his estimates.

“Nine times out of ten, they beat the models, so I will usually use their forecast,” said Nazarchuk. “Then, I tend to guess using the ten percent forecast that most weather stations do.”

This year, Nazarchuk has attempted to modernize the way the weather is broadcast. Weather radars demonstrating the movement of weather patterns, such as winter storm Avery, are used as a backdrop for certain portions of the weather.

“[My practices] have definitely shifted more professional; I’ve started to shift to what you will start to see more often,” said Nazarchuk. “The radars, that’s my holy grail for this school because I’m trying to bring us up to industry standard.

“[It’s] something that you might see on WGAL, kid-versioned, of course, we don’t have the billion dollar budgets that they do.”

Previous weathermen for CCHS Today read their forecasts off of a teleprompter. For Nazarchuk, the teleprompter lists only weather stats, like the humidity, wind, and chance of rain.

“I started off as very rudimentary, just reading off a teleprompter word for word, and now I’m making it up on the fly with the numbers in from of me,” said Nazarchuk. “It’s a lot more fluid in how I’m doing it, and I’m forecasting that’s going to go on for years to come.”

Nazarchuk’s meteorology career will not end in high school. Next year, he will attend Millersville University and dual-major in meteorology and photography.

“The first big thing was, do they have a meteorology program?” said Nazarchuk. That knocked out all but two in Pennsylvania; Penn State University at main and Millersville University.

“I enjoy Millersville because I’m gonna dual major in photography and they have a little preserve on campus which is a lake with two swans - ‘Miller’ and ‘Sville.’”

While Nazarchuk is in charge of the weather, he assists with other elements of production for CCHS Today.

“Kyle shows up at 7 o’clock every day,” said Broadcast Video adviser Chris Schwalm. “He not only does the weather, but he also helps sets up the show every morning.

“He comes in, he sets the studio up before a single person arrives, he’s very helpful.”

Nazarchuk has been involved in the Broadcast Video program his entire high school experience. He hopes his time as the weatherman will help him with his college studies.

“[Being on the announcements has] allowed me to practice and be a little more refined when I go in for college,” said Nazarchuk. “Instead of me starting from scratch, how I was three years ago in tenth grade, I’m gonna have three years of experience in constantly being able to improve myself here.”

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