'Instant Decision' instant success

Many students stress over college and their future. Submitting applications is one thing, but then some colleges take weeks or months to send out acceptance letters.

This year, Kyki Bobotas, a representative from Millersville allowed students to participate in an ‘Instant Decision Day’.

“I enjoyed getting to meet students interested in Millersville and hoped to lead them in the right direction,” said Bobotas.

She met with students, looked over their applications and made a decision as they sat there. She let them know that day if they were accepted into Millersville.

“I think this is a great opportunity for students because it’s a big stress reliever,” said Bobotas. “They don’t have to wait awhile to hear back so is sort of a weight that is lifted off their shoulders.”

Bobotas looked over things like the students’ transcript, grades, current classes, SAT, ACT, and AP scores. She then talked about the student’s major and explained their options at Millersville.

“It was nice to get more information but also it was great to know that I would be accepted into that school,” said senior Madison Menser. “It was exciting, but nerve wracking as she made the decision right in front of me.”

She asked students about their involvement as well and explained the importance of students being active within their schools and communities.

“I liked how she told me exactly what they were looking for in their future students,” said Menser.

Students were also free to ask Bobotas any questions. Some applicants took this opportunity to talk to a college representative about their future options.

“I felt that this was a good opportunity learning more about the school and she also helped me figure out the path that I want to take a little more,” said senior Gabby Manzella. “It was a step into my future.”

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