Album left behind by artist

graphic by Marissa Arnold

Reaching back from the grave XXXTENTACION dropped his new album “Skins” posthumously on Dec. 7.

The album is a combination of XXXTENTACION’s projects at the time of his death, which explains why most of the songs are short and heavily instrumental.

“Skins” opens with an introduction from XXXTENTACION talking about what he wanted the album to represent and asking his fans to “open their minds” to the music.

The songs on the album are sad with dark lyrics combined by eerie instrumentals that give “Skins” a creepy atmosphere.

“Train food” was one of the darkest songs on the album and is mainly comprised of XXXTENTACION monologuing his own death. It is complimented with forceful piano playing and train noises that adds to the songs suspenseful sound.

“Guardian angel” and “whoa (mind in awe)” featured prolonged calming instrumentals. Although still very sad, their soft vocals and peaceful tune make them the best on the album.

“STARING AT THE SKY” and “One Minute” fall on the other end of the spectrum and their screamo roots may likely be the “alternative” songs XXXTENTACION was referring to in the introduction. Both songs contained raw screaming and undecipherable vocals that lead them to easily be the worst on the album.

Thematically, while “Skins” did contain some good songs it was obvious to see the lack of diversity and harmony due to XXXTENTACION’s death. His death caused the album to be extremely overhyped regardless of the minimal time he was able to put into the project which, in this state, is mediocre at best.

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