Italian shopping season mimics Black Friday

photo provided by Morgan Menser


Many people dream of traveling and shopping in different parts of the world. This November, I traveled to Tuscany, Italy and experienced the Italian fashion scene.

This region is known for its beautiful countryside and rows upon rows of stores. Each day, I toured and shopped my way through a new city.

Despite the fact that Italy does not celebrate Thanksgiving, they have an event similar to Black Friday, but a week long: Black Week. As they recently caught on the US’ shopping holiday, stores in Italy had great deals, especially on clothing.

Shoppers flooded the town center and into stores searching for Christmas gifts.

One day, I visited the city of Florence. There were vendors on the streets advertising their products like Italian leather and jewelry.

Although I liked how the vendors provided so many options for souvenirs, I preferred shopping in stores rather than taking the risk of buying from random vendors.

Overall, the experience shopping in Italy was interesting and new to me and I would definitely recommend it. Shopping in a new country can be fun.


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