Bowling welcomes new members

December 13, 2018

Returning veterans, new hopefuls, and a powerful energy are going into this year’s bowling team, as their new season begins.

Last year, the team did well, placing second place in section two, just behind Ephrata, with a record of 9-4. Going into this season, the team has ambitious aspirations, with Coach Nicole Wagner aiming to get the team into the number one position of section one.

“I think [we’re looking forward to] the competitive aspect, and growing together as a family unit, and being a strong team overall,” said Wagner.

Last year’s state champion Kolby Bennett is returning to the bowling team this year. He sees the team, as well as himself, being able to pull off a number of wins, and having potential to even return to states.

“I would like to win at least two tournaments this year,” said Bennet. “As a team, I personally think we can make it to states as long as we work well together, but I think we can win at least two or three tournaments and I think that’s the goal.”

Seniors Scott Garrett and Paige Boyd are long-standing members of the bowling team who look at the new roster and see the team receiving a second wind. Some of these players include freshmen Darren Zombros and Connor Firestone, as well as senior Enzo Emerich.

“I’m excited, and the reason why I’m excited is a lot of the new bowlers that are coming in this year gives us a little new energy,” said Garrett. “Last year, we underperformed from our expectations.

“I feel that new energy is gonna spark us to be able to accomplish what we thought we were going to accomplish last year, and maybe go beyond that.”

The bowling team will also be more able to have fun and non-serious interactions, according to Boyd. The larger team size, at a record 20 members, will make it easier for members to have fun and de-stressing interactions.

“We have a really big team this year,” said Boyd. “I think my favorite part is gonna be being able to hang out with everyone at all the matches… and not focus on just the match.”

With a greater number of players, teammates will be more able to cover each other’s performances during bad days or crucial matches. In the past, this has been something they have excelled at, and is part of the reason for the team’s strong performance.

“I think our team always seems to rise to the occasion,” said Wagner. “When we have close matches, they always seem to come in clutch.

“Throw strikes when we need to, and lift each other up if somebody’s having a bad game”


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