Students give thanks, send appreciation

Thanksgiving is a time for appreciation and giving back to loved ones.

This year, the Aevidum club is celebrating the spirit of the holiday with Crestgiving. This allows students to fill out a card with a note that will be delivered to anyone, student or staff, in the school.

“I’m really glad that I could be involved in school unity in this way,” said senior Hajra Sohail, Aevidum vice president. “It was amazing to see how much people were eager to show their appreciation for each other and it made me happy to know how caring we all are of our school and our peers.”

The idea started when the staff did this a few years ago. Business teacher and Aevidum adviser Ben Harris suggested that they revive Crestgiving school-wide.

“I love the idea, because it gives teachers and students the opportunity to write a nice note of appreciation to another person,” said Harris. “It's a small way to spread kindness through the CCHS hallways, so I think it's definitely something worth doing.”

Harris first saw the idea during the 2013-14 school year. He said there is a lot of negativity and divisiveness present in our society, so he thinks this is a nice way to bring some happiness and positivity to our school.

“We thought that it was a really good idea and we wanted to bring it back to everyone feeling together,” said junior Anna Lyter, Aevidum communications coordinator.

The idea behind Crestgiving is to let friends, significant others, and staff members know you care about them. It matches the club’s motto ‘I’ve got your back.’

“It makes me feel good that everyone knows that they have people who appreciate them,” said junior Brady Miller, Aevidum president.

The club intends for these messages to especially help those who are struggling or feeling down. They hope these notes of thanks give these people an extra boost and know that they are thought of and cared.

“I think when kids receive the Crestgiving notes they feel like someone is appreciative of them and thinks about them when I think about that idea of kindness in giving,” said Lyter.

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