Powder Puff delayed until spring

Every year in fall the roles of the boys and girls are reversed for one night when the Powder Puff football game is played. This year, even the season is reversed, as it has been postponed to spring.

Student council has chosen a date in spring for many reasons, one being limited dates available in the stadium. Another key reason was the cold weather approaching and the frequent snow and rain.

“We are hoping for a good turnout, especially with the warmer weather,” said senior Ryan Bonin, student council president.

Attendance to the game has lowered the last two years. Student council hopes this statistic will change if the game takes place during a nicer season.

“I think the community will come out and support more, it is a better time of year with the weather,” said senior Emma Holzman, student council member. “It’s not as cold and you can enjoy it more.”

Every year the goal of the fundraiser is to raise more money than the year before. Last year $1,400 was raised.

“We would like to raise as much money as possible,” said Bonin. “All proceeds will be donated, so please tell everyone you know to come out and watch the game and support CMN.”

This football game is held to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network. All proceeds go to this charity.

“I think that more people will show up,” said senior Emily Yoder, student council vice president. “It will be a lot warmer so they will play to their best ability and not be cold.”

Both team’s practices were rained out, leaving hardly any time for practice before the fundraiser. Student council hopes to give them more practice dates to prepare in spring when the weather clears.

“I think that playing the game in May will give the community members a better chance to come out to the game as well as donate to Children’s Miracle Network since it will be much warmer weather,” said junior Cyja Hepler, student council member.

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