SEE club helps environment with recycling initiative

photo by Alivia Serenita

True to its name, Sky Earth and Environment club, or SEE club, is helping improve the environment by starting a classroom recycling initiative.

The initiative involves putting recycling bins for bottles and cans in classrooms throughout the school to help reduce the amount of students’ waste that ends up in landfills.

“We use a lot of bottles and if they all end up in the trash; that is just a lot of waste we are producing,” said senior Amanda Laucks, SEE club president. “Especially in recent years, our environment just keeps getting worse and worse and there are places where there is trash everywhere.

“Anything that we can do to make it a little bit better I think is worth it.”

To ensure that the bottles and cans get recycled, SEE club members collect them from the classrooms involved in the program every activity period. Once collected, they take the materials out to the recycling dumpster outside the school so they can be taken to a recycling facility.

“I think the students feel involved and like they’re doing things,” said SEE club adviser Gretchen Cosce. “The ones that are picking the recycling up and the ones that are recycling are like ‘hey I’m making a difference.’”

In order to implement the program, SEE Club needed to order new recycling bins for classrooms, which were bought using funds raised at the Falcon Fair. They have bought 15 bins so far, and they plan on buying more to distribute once they get the funds.

“A lot of what we do is either interacting with the environment or doing conservation, so one of the things we are trying to do is get less items in landfills,” said Cosce. “Recycling is important for the environment and the earth in general, so it’s good we’re a part of that.”

Although the program is fairly new, students have been receptive to it, and many have been taking advantage of the opportunity to recycle in their classrooms and help the environment.

“It’s going well and I think that everyone is actually going to start recycling now,” said Laucks. “Hopefully, they will start recycling at their house too if they get in the habit of doing it here.”

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