Junior acts as stage manager

photo by Madeline Gingrich

Being a stage manager is one of the most important roles in play productions, and one student will be taking on this challenge for the second time this fall.

Junior Abbie Greenawalt will be the stage manager for this year’s fall play, “The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940.”

As stage manager Greenawalt is in charge of props being where they need to be and making sure people are doing their job. She sees everything that occurs to make the show happen.

“There’s a lot of things about being a stage manager, about being behind the scenes,” said Greenawalt, “like the people that are involved in the musicals and plays. I like seeing everything come together because it’s really great to know I worked on something that amazing.”

Greenawalt has made her presence known without needing to be on stage. She has shown her true passion through creating and managing the flow of the performance.

“I used to be on the stage but then eventually it turned into, I really like the behind the scenes stuff because I watched a lot of Broadway shows,” said Greenawalt. “It kind of turned into I want to do that when I’m older so I want to try to get behind and learn what it takes to create something like that.”

This experience also causes Greenawalt to experience the many emotions that come with being a stage manager.

“I go through a lot of emotions and I’m really happy and excited for everybody and I know they all worked really hard and they are working hard right now actually,” said Greenawalt. “But it’s just a roller coaster of emotions because you’re happy and you’re sad because it’s one less show you have to do now but you are also really happy with the end result.”

This production has been an experience and an accomplishment for Greenawalt.

“I felt really proud of myself because it’s like now I am able to get to do what I’ve always wanted to do,”said Greenawalt.

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