Class rings unnecessary expense

graphic by Marissa Arnold

Many people want ways to remember their high school years, and their various accomplishments and clubs. One way students do this is through purchasing a class ring.

However, class rings are far from perfect, and they should not be viewed as essential to a high school student’s experience.

A large number of the students who purchase class rings are seniors, many of whom are going to begin the expensive journey that is college next year.

The hundreds of dollars that class rings are priced at can draw away from more important costs, such as textbooks, and give students a larger financial burden.

According to Jostens, their class rings range anywhere from 200 to 500 dollars. Generally, the lower end of that spectrum consists of thinner women’s rings.

Keeping in mind these costs, the value of class rings is called more into question when considering how impermanent they can be. It is not remotely uncommon for these rings, worth hundreds of dollars, to be lost.

Entire websites are devoted just to help find the owners of these rings. Class Ring Finder catalogues a total of 22,207 lost rings, but only 4,250 rings have been claimed.

And it would seem as though students as a whole around the country are buying rings less. This weakens the purported feeling of class unity and identity that rings are said to carry.

However, there are still reasons for students to want to purchase class rings. Given how they can be decorated, these rings can become physical reminders of their owner’s high school experience.

It should be noted, though, that yearbooks are also strong physical symbols of a student’s high school life. If anything, yearbooks are more impactful due to containing photos and other specific memorabilia.

Overall, while class rings are still beloved by many, which is not a necessarily bad thing, the emphasis placed on them should be reduced. Not many students can or will buy them, a decision made with good reason.

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