Teacher hopes to inspire with whiteboard quotes and riddles

From the murals to the signs on the walls (thanks Class of 2016), there are many things that catch students’ eyes as they walk through the halls. One teacher in particular has placed something outside her room to inspire thought for students.

Every week Lisa Bielecki writes something on a small whiteboard outside her room. Some weeks there will be something inspirational and other weeks there will be a riddle.

“[I put down] whatever pops into my head or whatever somebody suggests,” said Bielecki. “I might find something on a Facebook page.

“I have a friend that is very positive and very upbeat and she comes up with sayings all the time, I might see it and use that.”

She calls her riddles “cup questions” and places a cup next to the whiteboard for people to submit their answers. The competitive aspect is new this year and was suggested by Nathan Hansell.

“This started a few years ago when I was in room 500 and a girl came by,” said Bielecki. “I asked her if I could help her because I didn’t know who she was.

“She said, ‘no I just have to come by and see the sayings every day.’”

Bielecki team teaches in three other rooms so she does not always see students reading and/or responding to the quotes and riddles. Despite this obstacle, she does see some regulars stopping by her room.

“It’s kind of cool, you don’t know what’s in people’s minds,” said Bielecki.

Bielecki was strongly influenced by her grandmother. Her grandmother’s outlook on life was part of what encouraged her to write the cup questions for students.

“My grandmother was a very inspirational person in my lifetime.” said Bielecki,”She said you never know what effect you’re going to have on a person.

“If you can’t make someone happy then you didn’t do your job.”

Next time you find yourself venturing through the 200 hallway, be sure to stop by and see what Mrs. Bielecki has on her white board. You never know what you might find.

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