Juniors, seniors prepare for prom

With the first marking period over and the dates on the calendar flying by, many students are already looking forward to the upcoming events in spring, especially prom.

The seniors have recently chosen a theme for their prom while the juniors have determined their venue.

The prom committee selected “A Night to Remember” as its theme. The prom will be held May 3 at the same site it has been held for the past two years - the Country Barn in Lancaster.

The junior class will not make it four years in a row at the Country Barn. The class has chosen Spooky Nook Sports Complex in Manheim for its venue.

“We were mainly looking for a change and we knew that space was going to be a big factor based on the size of our class,” said junior class president Brady Miller. “The ideas they shared with us on how to dress it up to make it look nice added to the size and made it seem like a really good option.”

The Nook can hold around 1,100 people. The junior class is very large in size, but this new venue can provide enough space for the event.

“We mainly wanted a change [from the barn],” said Miller. “We wanted to try a new space.”

As of now, no other decisions have been made about the juniors’ prom. More decisions will be made in spring as the juniors advance closer to the date of their prom in 2020.

The senior prom committee decided on its theme during a vote last month.

“We have a bunch of cool ideas and decorations that thread in with the theme and thought it was something that everyone could enjoy,” said senior class president Serena Cheng. “The venue is embellished with all these pretty string and ball lights too.”

The barn offers quality fresh food from right off the farm.

“It’s delicious, fresh food straight from the farmer’s farm, which makes it ten times better,” said Cheng. “The corn and mac ‘n cheese are total crowd favorites.

“The barn is crafted in such a unique way. There is a distinct, wooden rustic feel to it which we thought would really add to our prom.”

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