Senior steps into comedic role

photo by Sully Minnick

The role of a comedian is something easy to slip into for another comedian, even if the character is not actually funny.

In the fall play “The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940” senior Luke Joynt plays Eddie McCuen, a comedian characterized by being largely unfunny, despite his attempts at comedy. Joynt’s own personal interest in comedy makes this role one that feels natural for him to assume.

“I identify with him extremely because I too make a lot of really, really unfunny jokes and puns,” said Joynt. “So it’s almost natural for me to get into character.”

Off stage, jokes and bonding time with the cast have left a very positive impression on Joynt for his first play performed at Cedar Crest.

“Probably my favorite thing about the play is rehearsals with the cast,” said Joynt. “It’s just such a fun environment to be a part of, and the experiences and memories, and all the jokes you have with that cast, form a bond unlike anything.”

Joynt has attended Cedar Crest since his sophomore year, but this is his first year being in a play. Last year, he was in stage crew, rather than the play itself.

“By the time I moved here, it was too late for auditions, and [getting involved with theater] was the only way I could really get into drama,” said Joynt. “Anything involving drama is good for me.”

One of the things Joynt had to contend was being unknown as an actor. In his previous school, he had an established reputation, but he lacked that here.

“I’m still relatively unknown in this school,” said Joynt. “I think that [despite] coming up from ground zero, whereas all the other actors have had been here a few years to build up a reputation.

“I really am not the one to be saying ‘oh this was a challenge or this was’ as it never really held me back.”

After high school, Joynt plans to continue following his love of theater, although more as a hobby than a career.

“Don’t get me wrong, theater is great, and if you want to pursue something in theater, go ahead, but I don’t really think that’s the path for me,” said Joynt. “I could see myself doing it in a college, yes, as like, a club to do on the side, and relax and blow off some steam every now and then.”

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