Perch expands to library

Further integrating one of the school’s highlights and favored features, the library has integrated the Perch into its setup.

This year the Perch began selling drinks at its own stand in the library. Previously placed in the front lounge area, the large cart has gotten much more attention at its new location.

“In my opinion, I think having [The Perch] here, opposed to in the front lobby, just generates a lot more interest for the students and for the workers,” said librarian Katy Gerhart. “I think it’s just overall more beneficial to be here.

“The kids who are here love to have the option of drinking a hot chocolate or whatever with their work and in their classes.”

Any person in the library before ten is allowed to buy coffee from the cart, which supplies all the same drinks as the café.

The popularity of the library for students to work and study has increased the business the Perch has received.

“It’s extremely busy,” said Perch adviser Sue Steckbeck. “We’re now serving cold drinks in the library, which also makes it a lot busier.

“Business is booming!”

The transition to the library has allowed for more interaction and, therefore, a greater learning experience for students involved.

“[The workers at the cart] have a lot more business, which keeps them busier and is more realistic to what a coffee shop would look like,” said Steckbeck. “There’s not a lot of downtime, which is perfect for training our students.”

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