Student section leader fosters school spirit

Every year, a senior gets to organize and lead all the students in our school in school spirit.

Senior Jacob Weaver, was chosen as student section leader for the student fans at this year’s sporting events.

“I like leading the student section because it’s fun getting to be creative, starting the chants and organizing most things for the kids at school,” said Weaver.

One of the main things Weaver is in charge of is communicating to students through social media. He has to come up with a theme for each game and is in charge of keeping the Falcon Nation twitter account active.

“I would say the hardest thing about being the leader is just choosing a theme,” said Weaver. “I think everyone has a different opinion and sometimes it’s hard to decide on a theme that everyone will like and participate in.”

The student section leader position was handed down to Weaver from last year’s seniors.

“I was excited when I was asked because I always wanted to lead the student section,” said Weaver. “I always wanted to stand in the front row and be able to be loud and lead the chants.”

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