Holiday inspires makeup artist

Photo by Sully Minnick

Left: Spider-Man eye mask, Alexis Steele

Right: Realistic skull, Sara Varela

Art is expressed in many forms, and one of the most culturally prevalent is makeup. Senior Lulu Jimenez uses makeup to bring her imagination to life during the Halloween season.

Jimenez goes all out for Halloween, creating her own costumes and looks that are scarily realistic.

For last year’s Falcoween, she created a possessed child look that turned heads.

“As soon as I walked in the school, everyone was like ‘oh my god, what is that’, and they were so scared and stuff,” said Jimenez. “Especially when I was walking down the halls, everyone moved aside, because I’d be coming like, all scary and in character.”

Jimenez’s looks don’t come easily, as she puts hours into designing and practicing a look, and wakes up in the middle of the night in order to have it all completed for school. She even requested off work the day before in order to have enough time to get everything together.

However, her finished product is well worth the effort and is likely to be a showstopper every time.

“I feel like just seeing the finished product just, gives me just like ‘oh my god I did that’,” said Jimenez. “And it's just like all the art involved and I just like everyone's reaction and stuff, and that just gives me more motivation.”

Halloween makeup isn’t the only makeup Jimenez does, however. She is constantly up late at night working on day to day looks. This means that during prom season she’s a prime target for friends looking to get their makeup done.

“Like, intense eye looks, like eye shadows and stuff,” said Jimenez. “I just like the different colors and like, all that stuff.”

Jimenez attributes her success as a makeup artist to the hours of practice she puts in. After starting makeup only two years ago, she has put in countless hours toying around with different looks.

“I say practice does make [me] better,” said Jimenez. “I always stay up ‘til like eleven o’clock at night and have a full face of makeup on.

“Even if I’m not going anywhere, I just do my makeup.”

Although Jimenez doesn’t see herself doing makeup full time, she wants to continue her makeup journey. She believes makeup is an art form that anyone can get into who’s willing to take risks and practice the craft.

“I do wanna say that if anyone wants to get involved with makeup and stuff, just try, practice, do whatever you want,” said Jimenez. “If you wanna put eyeliner around your head to the other side, and you wanna put face paint on and just wear it like regular makeup, then do it.

“Do whatever you want.”

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