Student council to host state conference

Decorations on every wall, a banquet and dance, and hosting students from all across the state. These things may sound difficult to plan for, but the Student Council is taking on the challenge.

The Student Council will be hosting the Student Council State Conference Nov. 8-10, which will have around 1,100 attendees.

Jan. 2017, they placed their bid at a Student Council board meeting and were chosen over other schools that had placed bids. They partially attribute being chosen to Falcon Spirit.

“I think that, you know, everyone can say it’s a special community surrounding their school, but I really do think that Falcon Nation is real,” said senior Cyja Hepler, president of the conference.

Students will have an early dismissal Nov. 8 and they will not have school Nov. 9. During this time, Student Council members from across the state will be in the school attending general sessions, workshops, and a banquet and dance.

“It feels awesome, we’re just ready for the day,” said junior Co-chair Ella Longenecker. “We’ve been working hard, everybody has.”

This year’s State Conference theme is MOVIES, which stands for motivation, organization, volunteerism, integrity, enthusiasm, and spirit. Student council members will decorate the school with decorations based on Harry Potter, High School Musical, and others.

“I’m so excited for the theme,” said senior Co-chair Emmy Yoder. “The MOVIES, I think, can relate to everyday life so it’s nice to tie in something that’s relatable to reality.”

The workshops will take place in classroom environments and teach leadership skills, while the general sessions will feature speakers. Jessie Funk, Phil Boyte amd Scott Backovich will speak in addition to Hepler, Longenecker, and Yoder, who will each cover two of the words in MOVIES.

“We’re kind of talking about MOVIES and how that pertains to our life, and how you can use it, things like that,” said Longenecker.

Since Student Council won the bid for the State Conference, they have been preparing its different elements. There are a total of 15 committees which come together to encompass every part of the conference.

“I think that we’re taking our time and really going above and beyond our expectations we had at the beginning of the year,” said Yoder. “We’re really working hard to get everything perfect and make everything nice for all the people that are coming.”

The process for joining the statewide Student Council board requires several interviews and recommendations. Hepler, Longenecker and Yoder collectively oversee every committee and have a place on the board.

“This is the perfect time because we have amazing leaders and we have amazing initiative in our school and in our club to do this,” said Hepler.

To help with both setup and the conference itself, Student Council is looking for student volunteers. If interested, visit room 120 during homeroom or talk to Abbie Smith.

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