Artists leave their mark

Photo by Sara Varela

Many students dream of leaving a mark on their high school. Seniors Jae Getz and Taylor Gunnells are accomplishing this dream by painting a mural in the main office.

Painting a mural is very detailed and requires a lot of thought and perspective.

I did three sketches (sophomore year) and a year later they asked Jae Getz and I to do one. I really love doing them because it’s a lot different than what others get to do (in school),” said Gunnells.

The mural is located in the main office behind the front desk.

“It is two banners with circular badges on each banner and inside each badge there will be extracurricular and sports icons that represent them with a falcon in the middle (in between the banners) and a band on top saying falcon pride,” said Getz.

The mural itself demonstrates falcon pride because it uses our artistic students and involves them in such a huge part like a mural.

“[Principal Nicole] Malinoski came up to me the first week of school and asked me to paint a mural she had designed.” Said Getz.

Getz and Gunnells also created the mural of wings near the school store and counseling office last year.

“Two years ago in the art room Ms. Gebhart said if you want to paint a mural, design a sketch,” said Gunnells.

While Gunnells drew the mural in her sophomore year, she is only painting it now.

“It is an amazing opportunity to showcase my abilities for years to come,” said Gunnells.

Both seniors hope to showcase their abilities beyond high school. Gunnells and Getz are considering art-related careers. Getz also wants to get her teaching degree.

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