Alternative band samples new sound

Not straying far from their original sound, Twenty One Pilots keep a grunge theme with soft tones throughout their new album “Trench.”

Songs such as “Nino and the Niners” and “Neon Gravestones” are slower and have more of a grunge-rock sound.

“Jumpsuits” also fits into the band’s original rock style and even featured some raw screaming that they have used from time to time.

Other songs have much more upbeat vibes and techno atmosphere that make them enjoyable to listen to.

“Chlorine” and “Morph” mix techno elements with soft spoken vocals to create a soothing listening experience.

“The Hype” follows a similar pattern but also incorporates a ukulele instrumental that creates an upbeat atmosphere paying tribute to the bands original style.

“Legends” has a boppy instrumental with many drops and uplifts. It strays from the theme of the other songs with its pop sound, but the diverse instrumentals and catchy lyrics make it the best on the album.

In contrast, “Bandito,” “Leave the City,” and “Cut My Lip” are much slower than the other songs on the album. All three songs have sad repetitive lyrics that are boring to listen to, especially when mixed with the monotone instrumental.

Thematically, “Trench” is an average album with quite a few duds, but is held together by the band’s more uplifting songs. While the album is very consistent with their other works, it is their more off-brand songs that stand out most.

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